I am an engineer and researcher of virtual/augmented reality and Internet of Things major in mathematics and computer science, having plenty of work experience on virtual reality and augmented reality projects, engage in application of computer visualization and computer vision. My research application fields widely range from everyday life to traditional research fields (i.e. geography and transportation, biology and chemistry, medicine and rehabilitation). During the past years, I have completed several projects successfully on PC, Website, Smartphone and Smartglasses.

I was born at Qingdao, Shandong, China on 80's. Chinese (Mandarin) is my native language. I communicate well in English. I have started to write computer program since 1998, using FoxBase on 386. A Tank War game has been done in 1999 using QuickBASIC on 486. Hence, I have learned C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, JavaScript, Python, and popular compilers (Visual Studio, Xcode, Eclipse, Matlab), as well as commercial tools or 3rdparty libraries: Android NDK, OpenGL, OpenCV, Cg, CUDA, OpenSceneGraph, Unity3D, MFC, ATL, etc.

I'm currently an Associate Professor at Uppsala University in Sweden. I have enjoyed research experience at French National Centre for Scientific Research(CNRS)-UPR9080 at Paris in France, at Umea University at Umea in Sweden, at Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics(VECG) group at University College London(UCL) at London in UK, at Event Lab at University of Barcelona at Barcelona in Spain. I'm IEEE Senior Member, BCS Fellow and ACM Distinguished Speaker.

Beside academic career, I have been demonstrated having developed industry experiences. In virtual reality field, I was software engineer(2006-2010), group leader of WebVR group(2007-2010), CTO of two start-up companies(2008-2010). I was PI or co-I of several China-government funded science and technology projects for start-up company(2007-2011). I have four granted patents.

My previous outputs are already included in producted results WebVR, WebVRGIS, 3GWebMapper, opensource framework UnityMol, and some ongoing novel interaction technologies.

I like swimming and jogging.